Sinanan, Marrero, Schaeffler, Mallozi & Contrisciani at ArtCenter/South Florida, WUM Whats Up Miami, June 16 2013

Pablo Contrisciani

Pablo Contrisciani

Today, Sunday, June 16th 2013 is the last day to check out ArtCenter/ South Florida's monthly window showcase featuring the works by Resident Artists: Franklin Sinanan, Ena Marrero, Lissette Schaeffler, JeanPaul Mallozzi and Pablo Contrisciani.

Born in Trinidad, Franklin Sinanan is an artist who lives and works between Miami and Canada whose works are built on his emotional responses to quotidian aspects of living that include the difficulties of coping with existence and how society reacts to those struggles.

Franklin Sinanan

"Whether it's alcohol, drugs, relationships or religion, society traps us with our fears," says Sinanan.

Illustrating moods and vibrating emotions with color is the basis of JeanPaul Mallozzi's work. Born and raised in Queens, New York

JeanPaul Mallozzi

"I chose to combine the two ideas of energy and posture, but instead of a face, I replace it with color and gestural line work acting as a keyhole into how a person is feeling from within," says Mallozzi.

Lissette Schaeffler is a photographer whose work deals with the exploration of identity. Whether documenting or digitally manipulating photographs of family, friends, environment or herself, her underlying meaning has always remained consistent.

Lisette Schaeffler

Cuban-born, Miami-based Ena Marrero has been influenced by a prolific experiential life spent during almost two decades in New York City where she studied and worked enjoying the cultural riches of the city's immense diversity.

Uniting technique and concept in her own work, Marrero uses various mediums to create painting, works on paper, sculptures and installations.

Ena Marrero

And the last but not least in the group of Art/Center Resident Artists is Argentinian-born, Miami-based Pablo Contrisciani.

His paintings are the representation of different kinds of moods altogether inside of one frame. These artworks unify oppositions and energizes a blend of rational and emotional notions juxtaposing humble elements with big gestures that make reference to pop culture, spiritual narratives and to some historical concepts.